Sunday, April 18, 2010

Update: Kinder Surprise Egg Toys

I recently blogged about the wonderful combination of egg and toy called the Kinder Surprise Eggs. I was hoping to have consumed more eggs so that I could explore more of the cute plastic toys. But last night, I attended a wedding in which the Kinder Eggs were provided to the kids for entertainment. Of course, the kids were simply happy with breaking the eggs and playing with the toys. However before the kids swiped all the toys, I was able to take some pictures of them! Sorry, I had more pictures of other toys but they picture turned out dark.

Here they are - can plastic get any cuter??


The Ameliorator said...

I have loved Kinder eggs forever. They are Sooo hard to get here! The company does not condone selling them in the US because of our frivolous lawsuit problem and their tiny plastic pieces, but I still love them and hunt them down whenever I can. My favorites are the ones with 1 million tiny, tiny pieces you have to put together. Ethnic groceries are usually the best place to find them.

Nikki Andrews said...

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