Sunday, September 27, 2009

Brunch at Cafe Orlin

Here's a restaurant review of a brunch meal at Cafe Orlin in New York City.

41 St. Marks Pl., New York, NY 10003

Surprisingly I didn't have my camera so I couldn't take pictures of the food, but trust me when I say...we would've finished eating everything on our plate before I take out the camera! So before I begin, the restaurant is very non-descript on the outside. There is a blackboard sign with the name of the restaurant, but otherwise it is easy to miss. This place is apparently quite popular for brunch, and it is quite easy to taste why...the food was fresh and tasty. Here is a link to a menu I found on-line but there were a few things that were not listed. Diana's Breakfast (two eggs any style with labana cheese, hummus and pita) was quite popular among patrons. My fellow eating buddies ordered the popular pumpkin pancakes cinnamon yogurt. The freshly squeezed orange juice was also a highlight at this restaurant. Yum yum. Lastly, there is a brunch option that has smoked salmon over a potato pancake and hollandaise eggs....highly recommend that as well!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

L'Oreal Color of Hope

L'Oreal Paris is taking a stand against ovarian cancer, and you can get a special day of beauty out of it!

Looking for a Fall cosmetics makeover? Visit the Walgreens Times Square in NYC this Friday, Sept. 18, from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. for free Color of Hope makeovers and a chance to meet L'Oréal makeup artist and Project Runway regular Collier Strong.

For goodies, or to see their product line, which, when you purchase an item, a donation will be made to the Ovarian Cancer Research Fund, go here:

Monday, September 14, 2009

Zip It Handbags

Here's an innovative twist on the traditional handbag - one that is made entirely of zippered strips of fabric! I was intrigued by the cool zipping effect that easily transformed into so many different items - such as a coin purse, tote bag, messenger bag and even a cosmetic bag. It turns out that the bags were invented by a local Boston fashion student who was working on a final art project. What a way to earn an A!

Here is what the tote bag looks like before it is assembled. Looks like quite a mess, eh?

After a few zips, the bag is fully assembled! The one on the left is a hip-banging purse and the one on the right is a messenger bag. And the best thing about this bag? If I don't feel like using it, I can unzip it roll it up into a ball. And because the zipper is so light-weight, the entire bag is very light - awesome for those travel trips.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

A Foodie's Visit to Boston

I recently toured Boston in search of fine seafood. I felt like a food personality host while visiting different cuisines and food spots for the best food that Boston has to offer. I've always coveted the likes of Rachel Ray whose one job is to visit different cities and eat and critique! So this was pretty close to what I always dreamed of their job's responsibilities. The only downside? I felt like I had to finish eating all the dishes and I doubt the hosts on tv do more than take a few 'bites' of their food. As a result...I had a very full tummy throughout the entire trip.

Eating pho noodles in Chinatown...

Also at the Vietnamese restaurant in Chinatown. According to our tour guide, the smaller the store sign in Chinatown, the better the food and service!

Dessert at Grill 23 and Bar restaurant. While this restaurant is right next to the Salvation Army, don't let that fool ya. A dress code is probably required even though we showed up in shorts, sneaks and sweatshirts!

And here is their version of creme brulee. Sadly not the best that we've had.

Our meal at Elephant Walk (near Fenway Park). It's a French/Cambodian restaurant and it is simply delicious. I wish they had this restaurant open in NYC because I would go for every occasion! This dish is called Luk Lak, part of their traditional Cambodian menu.

This was rated the best dish in Elephant Walk by Stuff Magazine. The seared Tuna was delicious, and part of their French dishes.

This was our meal at the Union Oyster House, during our Freedom Trail walk. I had the lobster roll sandwich (picture not shown) but I thought the fried oyster sandwich was really yummy!

Finally, where is the search for delicious seafood without a picture of a lobster?!! Well here you to Quincy Market and park yourself in the bar stool and enjoy a fresh steamed lobster, chowder and corn for $18.50.