Sunday, March 29, 2009

Marriott Hotel in Wailea, Hawaii

Welcome to heaven on earth, aka Maui, Hawaii! Here are some photos of our junior suite in the hotel. But first, here is our view while we were lounging on the cliffside of the hotel. It was absolutely beautiful.

Here's the large jacuzzi size tub in our suite:

This is the adjacent vanity sink:

Our giant bed! I loved the lights over the bed....makes me want the same thing in my bedroom. The bed was very soft and fluffy. I don't know why they put so many pillows on the bed! We only used like 3 at a time.

And this is the adjacent living area. The couch is actually a sofabed. And you can't see the second television, but there were 2 tv's in this room! There was also a nice lanai that had a partial ocean view....ahhh, heavenly.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Bliss World

I've been going to Bliss Spa ever since I received a giftcard for my birthday, some 5 years ago. My favorite location is Bliss 49, a few blocks from my workplace, located in the posh W Hotel on Lexington Avenue. Sometimes you have to get away from it all & indulge. My most favorite body treatment is the carrot & sesame body buff. They whisk you away for 90 minutes of pampering, and as stated:

It features a carrot mulch and hot oil rubdown, a warm milk and
honey drizzle, a skin-softening wrap, a sesame seed and sea salt scrub (to
remove every last patch of rough from your 'buff') and, for the grand finale, a
Vichy shower!
What do i do when I can't get to the spa --- without a giftcard, it does get quite expensive, you know? I pamper myself at home. I'm a big fan of body scrubs, sugar or salt. Introducing Bliss Blood Orange & White Pepper Sugar Scrub.

This is different from some of the sugar scrubs that i've used. It slathers on smooth and I can see all the spots i miss when i scrub. Scentwise: more citrusy than spicy. It's a strong exfoiliator (but not as strong as some salt scrubs ive used -- this one is more on the gentle side) and very moisturizing. My skin feels very soft afterwards and i could if i wanted to, skip the moisturizer.
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