Thursday, October 22, 2009

Shecky's Girls Night Out 2009 - Part 2

So here are some additional details from my fun night at Shecky's Girls Night Out. One of the fun things that we got to do was attend a mini beer and food tasting event sponsored by Budweiser. I am not a personal fan of beers. And in fact, my de factor beer of choice is a Corona. So American lagers are not my cup of tea. But it turned out to be quite interesting....who knew that a Kirin Light compliments Asian foods such as edamame? The darkest ale was delicious with chocolate. But then again, everything tastes good with chocolate!

And to those that follow my blog, I am a huge Yes To Carrots fan! Here they are at the Shecky's event. Their booth was quite large and full of information regarding their products. They offered free hand massages with their nourishing hand cream.

As promised, here are pictures of the jewelry pieces I purchased from Sara G. Strauss. She is a local designer based in Brooklyn and makes unique whimsical pieces. Her style is to infuse a twist to traditional style. Here is the necklace that caught my eye. It was a bit short for my neck and I did not want to wear it like a chocker (do I have a thick neck? haha). But Sara was super nice, she asked me how long I wanted the necklace and then whipped out her tools to add in 2-3 inches of extra chain. Voila! Won't it look absolutely fab against a neutral v-neck sweater?

And here is the pair of earrings that caught my eye...there is actually a third link to the pair of earrings (another bellflower and stone) but I thought it was too long so I asked the designer to remove it. Again, customized jewelry! As my friend said to me "That is totally you! And the original length is totally me." I am so glad I purchased these two pieces...and I wish I brought more because the prices were so good!! (Shhh, don't tell my husabnd that).

Okay, and here is a picture of the goody bag that we received. It technically cost me $20 and I've heard that in the past, the items were really awesome. But...I was disappointed with the products. As you can see here, the quality is just so-so. I only say this because my Girl On Top goody bag was totally FREE for me! I was hoping for an awesome make-up product. Sigh. But instead, we received body lotion, shampoo, deodorant, toothpaste, Lindt chocolates, lip balm, tampons, razors, hair ties, veggie chips, teeth whitening, betty crocker chocolate dessert.....

Next year, I plan to attend the event sans the goody bag ticket! I would take the shopping and drinks over the goody bag anytime!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Shecky's Girls Night Out 2009

This is actually my first year attending the Shecky's event but I've heard about it from my beauty friends for the last couple of years. So for those that are clueless about Shecky' is an online and event destination for all things beauty, fashion and shopping! And Girls Night Out is an opportunity for attendees to enjoy an evening of shopping with fabulous jewelry and clothing designers all while drinking (free) beer and vodka.

The best part of the night for me was all the jewelry shopping that I got to do!! I felt like I *had* to shop because I've never seen so many unique and beautiful pieces in one place! And indeed, many of the designers only make one-of-a-kind jewelry that are just exquisite looking. My favorite designer was Sara G. Strauss for her whimsical and fun designs! I loved her so much that I brought a pair of earrings and necklace from her. Check out the last picture for some of her unique designs.

Here are some notable highlights from my night out.

Want to hear more about my fun night? And see pictures of my jewelry purchases? Oh and did I mention the awesome beer and food pairing event? Stay tuned for my next post!

Monday, October 19, 2009

"Girl on Top" Book Tour in NYC

I attended the "Girl on Top" book tour when it came to New York City last Thursday. The book is written by career expert Nicole Williams who applies 20 tried-and-true dating rules to your career. She applies tactics used to land a guy (for example, Rule #8 Play Hard to Get) in handling work situations and coming out on top. The event was held at a pop-up The Limited Store in the SoHo area so there was plenty of opportunity for the guests to mingle, shop at a 40% discount, sip champagne and munch on cookies and truffles.
Here are a few pictures of the beautiful outfits at The Limited.

And the best part of the event for me? It was free and there was a gift (swag) bag worth over $100! Here are some of the notable items: animal print purse, glam business card holder, tarte eyeshadow, day moisurizer, Tepper Jackson card wallet among other coupons such as a $50 make-up consultation at Paul Labrecque salon & spa.

Click here to see future tour dates! The GOT book tour may be coming to a city near you!