Friday, August 28, 2009

My "Yes To Carrots" Party products

I recently hosted my first Yes to Carrots party and it was so much fun! Here are some pictures from the party. The first is a picture of the products that we tested. My favorite was the body butter. The smell was light and not heavy on the skin. My skin retained a nice sheeny look throughout the day as well.

Even though the name of the company is Yes to Carrots, there are other product lines that are specific to different skin types, such as tomatoes, carrots and a special one for exfoliating skin.

The last picture are the gift bags that we gave to our guests! Each one contained a lip butter (similar to chapstick), a headband used for preventing hair on the face, and samples of their cream and facial washes. According to one guest, she said her face felt "rejuvenated" and "refreshed" after using the samples!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Green Tea Cheesecake

I haven't baked a Japanese cheesecake since December of last year. Sadly, I forgot how to make it as fluffy and smooth as I remember. I knew I messed up as soon as I finished the batter. But I compensated by adding 2 tablespoons of matcha powder (green tea) and also made a quick cream topping with heavy cream and a little bit of confectionary sugar and vanilla extract. I also added slices of strawberry on top because strawberries go hand in hand with cheesecake! Yum.

Here's a picture of my half-eaten cheesecake before I realized I didn't take a picture of it! It was soon devoured after this picture was taken.

And here are the nicely sliced pieces of my cheesecake on my dining room table.

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